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    Getting your website to the top of a search engine results page can be tough. Harder yet may be knowing what visitors are using as keyword searches to find you... or your competitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important strategy to build into your website. Not to mention, tracking results through analytics is necessary for continual improvement and indication of when change is needed.

    Successful search engine results consists of leveraging the details that comprise your website pages including its titles, headers, alt text, hyperlink text, content, and keyword concentration. In addition, analyzing the site allows you to gain important insight such as user behaviors, specific areas for improvement, and cost-per-leads of each of your marketing sources.

    Let us help you teach Google and other search engines what your website is all about.

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    Search engine marketing takes your SEO to the next level. Next to organic search engine results, you can get your website found by investing in search engine marketing tactics such as pay-per-click and strategies to get others to link back to your website.

    Search engine optimization or search engine marketing

    How are visitors finding your website? We will evaluate how your website is optimized by reading over your content, reviewing your keywords, and other tags the search engines value. We will supply a written document of these valued search engine techniques and how your Website ranks on a point system. In addition, we will document where and for which keywords you are ranked in the top three search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). Finally, our Internet marketing team will compile a list of custom improvements for you.

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